Looking For The Best Architects In Town?

We can help you decide on your design team when you are first considering building a house, apartment block, skyscraper, or other structure. Construction work is expensive enough as it is. If you don’t hire the best company from the outset, you’ll need to use a stock blueprint for the home builders to work from. However, no stock standard building blueprint will be completely what you want, so you’ll have to make changes, which will increase your cost.

The real estate industry in Far North Queensland has seen many families settle in and around the city. Despite starting out as a mining city in the late 19th century, it is the thriving rail and port industries designed by local Cairns architects that brought in people from all corners of Australia and beyond. If you are looking for the perfect location in Queensland with the ideal tropical climate and world class amenities, settling in Far North Queensland will be a good move. Of the major decisions you will be required to make, you will have to decide whether or not you need the services of an Australian architect. If you choose one, you still have to learn about finding the right one in this busy industry.

What Is An Architect?

The definition of an architect is not very complex. They design and plan houses, apartments, office buildings and even skyscrapers. They design other structures too, like railroad tracks, amusement parks or airports. They make sure the structure fulfills its purpose as well as look beautiful.

If you live in Cairns, think of some of the beautiful man-made structures here: the Lagoon down on the Esplanade was the result of months of design. And you wouldn’t be catching the train up to Kuranda without the work of a local architect. The city is known for its beautiful contemporary tropical architecture.

What Is The Difference Between Architects And Architectural Engineers?

An architect is responsible for the design of a building; its layout, finishes, form, interior and exterior look and feel. An architectural engineer is, as the name implies, an engineer who assesses the feasibility of the structure, looks at ways of making it work, considers the materials that will enable the vision to come to pass. An architect has an architectural degree from university and is registered with the architects board. On the other hand, an architectural engineer has an engineering degree that spans civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. They have specialised knowledge and a personality that doesn’t immediately say ” this won’t work”, but “how can we make this work”.

Depending on the project, you may hire a team composed of both architects and architectural engineers. Many firms will have people from both of the practice areas. They will likely be different people, but people in the company will have either an architectural degree or an engineering degree. It’s important to find a good mix, so that both sides work together to build something amazing.

Architectural engineers are especially important in the tropics, as opposed to our southern neighbours, because of the unique weather issues we face up here. The very first consideration in the tropics is whether the structure will survive a category 5 cyclone. If it won’t then it doesn’t matter how pretty it is, you can’t build it.

In other cities around Australia, an award winning architect may have a lot more say in the design of the building. But in our opinion, building design should always be a team effort.

When You Might Need Architectural Services

Our city’s architecture is as developed as any other top city in the country. Students are required to undertake a rigorous course at University level which, like lawyers and doctors, predates a lengthy internship program to provide the much needed experience. This training teaches them how to be an architect, with topics ranging from structural engineering to landscape design. For this reason, a qualified architect is better placed to provide you with the professional architectural services needed to give you a smooth settlement into the region. If you are interested in professionally designed homes, now is the time to start finding the right chief architect and landscape architects.

Customized Tropical Home Designs

Architects offer the diversity required to meet your precise needs and that of your family. To save costs, many people go for builders and home designers instead of a professional architecture firm. What they do not realize is the fact that you can hardly attach a price tag to the services of a good designer. While builders and residential designers will make several adjustments to try and meet your precise needs, architecture firms are proactive enough to anticipate them. This means you will get many more benefits that you were aware of from the beginning.

Economical Sense And Service Fees

Even if you are working on a rather constricted budget, it makes great economical sense to insist on being served by a professional. An ordinary builder might charge you less, but you are not probably not prepared to handle the possible consequences. Are you ready to lose the property you have saved for since you started working? This may happen when your foundation crumbles a few years after moving in if you try to go too cheap on the plans. When you choose a professional architectural firm, you will avoid the costly structural mistakes that many homeowners come to regret.

What Does An Architect Do?

If you are working with architects for the very first time, you might not have an idea about the kind of services their firm offers. Many people assume that their role is to help you come up with the most breathtaking house design. However, the primary role of a draftsman is to make sure your residential architecture will be adapted to suit the needs of your family. This also involves making sure the house makes the most of the terrain, soil type and weather around your house. The assessment will start from finding out the strengths and weaknesses of your current home so as to find a way to improve matters.

Unlike ordinary builders, a great architect goes beyond the ordinary to find out the most miniscule details you will require in a new house. For instance, they will work out where the family likes to watch the television from, whether you often throw parties and how important a casual dining area is. Do you need a bedroom where you will be spending daytime hours or one where you just sleep? Should the bedrooms have computer work spaces or will you install a central station in the living room where supervision is easy? If you succeed in finding the right home designer, all these small details about your new place will be taken care of.

Factors to Consider When Choosing An Architect

As we said before, the real estate industry in this region is thriving and plenty of prospective homeowners are moving in. As a result, many architecture firms have been set up to try and match up to the excess demand for services. Unfortunately, this does not mean picking the first affordable deal you come across. To find an architect and ensure you maximise the use of their services, there are plenty of things to consider. These include:

Building Experience:

The building and construction sector is full of nothing but hands-on work. In as much as getting the necessary academic qualifications can’t be overlooked, you can’t just go for the home designer with the best papers. You are better off working with one whose qualifications are backed with several years of experience. They will be more than familiar with all neighborhoods and will help you identify the perfect location to settle in.

License & Insurance:

The architectural sector in every city around Australia is strictly regulated to ensure all structures designed take into account safety and conservation measures. This is why you must insist on finding a properly registered and licensed architect. This way, your house won’t have to be demolished at any time in the future. When insured, you will get reimbursed in case of any damages or losses and you won’t be held liable for any injuries that may result.

Previous House Designs:

Before you entrust a property as dear as your next home to just any architecture student, make sure you have a look at some of the homes they have worked on. This will give you the best idea on what you ought to expect. Every designer has a compelling description on their site but do not get convinced by mere words.

You may find yourself gravitating to one particular style of house over another. If that’s the case, look for which architect created that. They will likely have all the blueprints ready to be worked on, so all you have to figure out is how you want it modified for your dream home.


This is exactly where reviews from past clients will come in handy. Who would want to hire a designer that will halt your project to start on a much bigger contract? You need to confirm that you are picking someone who keeps their word. This also applies to other agreements such as the payment phases and completion dates.

Next Steps

Before you go any further in your search for your ultimate home design, make sure¬† you go on long walks or drives. Be aware of the construction of the houses. Really look at how the houses are put together. Picture yourself living there. Think of what you do and don’t like about that space. Really take the time to get this part right because it will make everything else easier.

Write down what annoys you about your current house and any of your friends’ or family’s houses as you move through them. Things that you absolutely couldn’t live with, no matter how small. Talk to the owners about what annoys them or they wish was different.

Brainstorm Ideas

Once you’ve got all the annoyances out of the way, create some mental space, maybe settle down with a glass of wine or cup of tea – something to relax you. Brainstorm all the things you’d love to have in your dream house. Don’t rush this part and don’t censor as you brainstorm. If you get stuck, write down something outrageous. Something like a slide from the bedroom to the kitchen or an edible kitchen counter.

Set aside an hour where you don’t check your phone, look at facebook or twitter or do anything other than brainstorm. The empty, bored space beyond what you thought were your best ideas is where your best ideas really live. Get everyone who’ll live in the house together and brainstorm as a group.

Get Ready For The Meeting

Once you’ve got a list of all the ideas you could come up with, get rid of the ones that are just silly (like the slide idea – come on, who really wants to be on a slide just after missing the snooze button?!). Look at the list and note down which ones really make you excited. Even if you don’t know how it might work, that’s ok. That’s why you’re hiring an architectural firm, remember? Let them give you weird looks. But maybe they’ll know exactly how to make it work. That’s where things like hotplates built into the kitchen counter came from.

If you can find pictures or draw diagrams showing what each of your crazy ideas look like, that’ll really help when they’re trying to figure out how and whether to incorporate the ideas into the design. Just don’t get too enamoured with any particular idea: the architect or the architectural engineer may come back and say it’s just not possible.

Once you have all your ideas set out, go through your finances and work out how much you are prepared to spend on making your dream a reality, remembering that the more customised it is, the more expensive it will likely be.

Go And Talk To Firms

Now you’re all set with your ideas, photos, diagrams and finances, go make appointments with some architects. Walk them through what your vision for the house is, go through the ideas, give them a rough estimate of your budget, then sit back and listen to them. Really listen to what they have to say. Remember they are professionals who do this every day. They will have ideas that you’d never think of or twists on your ideas to make them even better. You might have an idea of the materials you want, but there may be new materials that do the job better or other combinations.

Once you’ve met with several architects, pick one, sign the contract and get started building your dream home.